Caves constitute a special and distinct part of Greek Nature. They are works of unique and incredible beauty, which required many thousands of years to be formed. They have served as shelters, places of worship, burial grounds and hideaways in the innumerable upheavals that have marked the history of mankind.

They are an integral part of the web of myths and traditions; mysterious and inaccessible, they have always exercised an irresistible charm on the explorers of every age.

Greece is blessed with several thousand caves, each with its own particular history. Some of these have been opened to tourism, allowing a large number of visitors to admire them up close, while providing local communities with a significant source of income.

The webpage aims to promote the Tourist Caves of Greece in the best possible manner, making them widely known on a national level as well as abroad. Speleological tourism can and must be developed further, to the benefit of both the local communities and the national economy generally.
As a practical contribution to the development of speleological tourism in our country, “Proteas Editions” have created this webpage as a reference point for all those, Greek or foreign, who wish to become acquainted with the magical world of Greek Caves.